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English, Literature, & Writing: Journals & Websites




Most print magazines and journals are located in alphabetical order by title in the periodicals section unless otherwise noted.

  • Booklist - A publication of the American Library Association that provides critical reviews of books and audiovisual materials for all ages. Booklist’s primary audience consists of libraries, educators, and booksellers.
  • Editor & Publisher - A  monthly magazine covering the North American newspaper industry, including business, newsroom, advertising, circulation, marketing, technology, online and syndicates.
  • ELH (English Literary History) (Scholarly) - An academic journal established in 1934 at Johns Hopkins University, ELH is devoted to the study of major works in the English language, particularly British literature. It covers developments in literature through historical, critical, and theoretical methods.
  • Flannery O’Connor Review (Scholarly) - A scholarly journal dedicated to Flannery O'Connor and her works published by Georgia College.
  • Journal of American Folklore (Scholarly) - A  peer-reviewed academic journal published by the American Folklore Society.  It publishes on a quarterly schedule and incorporates scholarly articles, essays, and notes relating to its field. It also includes reviews of books, exhibitions and events.
  • Language - A monthly publication that provides cutting-edge information for language learners, educators, and professionals around the world.
  • Library Journal - Library Journal is an American trade publication for librarians.  It reports news about the library world, emphasizing public libraries, and offers feature articles about aspects of professional practice. 
  • Modern Fiction Studies (Scholarly) - A peer-reviewed academic journal established in 1955 at Purdue University's Department of English, where it is still edited. 
  • Modern Language Notes (MLN) (Scholarly) - An academic journal established in 1886 at the Johns Hopkins University with the intention of introducing continental European literary criticism into American scholarship.
  • PMLA (Scholarly) - The journal of the Modern Language Association of America. It presents essays on language and literature.
  • Quill - The Society of Professional Journalists’ national magazine. Quill showcases its challenges, opportunities, and responsibilities.
  • Studies in English Literature (SEL) (Scholarly) - An academic journal founded in 1956. It publishes articles concerning four categories of British literature from 1500-1900—English Renaissance, Tudor and Stuart drama, Restoration and 18th Century, and 19th century.
  • Wired - A monthly magazine, published in print and online editions. Wired focuses on how emerging technologies affect culture, the economy, and politics.

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