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Math, Statistics, & Research Methods: Research Methodology Books & Journals

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SPSS Tutorials

Although it is named "SPSS Tutorials," there is a great deal of information about how statistical tests work that goes beyond SPSS. Created by Kent State University Statistical Consultations.
Section 1: Intro to the SPSS Environment:

  • Navigate the SPSS interface using the drop-down menus or syntax.
  • Create a new dataset or import data from a file.

Section 2: Working with Data covers data manipulation and cleaning of all kinds.

  • Create, modify, or compute new variables.
  • Manipulate a dataset by splitting, merging, or transposing techniques.

Section 3: Exploring the Data.

  • Generate descriptive statistics for numeric variables.
  • Create frequency tables and crosstabulations of categorical variables.
  • Graph the distributions or relationships of variables.
  • Interpret these measures.

Section 4: Analyzing the Data. This section incorporates hypothesis testing.

  • Associations (Chi-Square, Pearson's Correlation).
  • Comparing means (One Sample t Test, Independent Samples t Test, Paired Samples t Test, One-Way ANOVA).
  • Predictive models (Multiple Regression, Logistic Regression, Ordinal Regression).