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Library Student Workers: Student Worker Contract


Murrell Memorial Library and Library Commons 

  Student Worker Contract


  1. If you are unable to come to work at your scheduled time, you are required to contact your supervisor immediately @ or for the evening. If you know in advance you will be missing contact with Ms. Love 24 hours beforehand.

  1. Work-study hours may not be made up. Extra hours are possible during midterms and finals week. 

  1. Work-study students should ask the library personnel for job assignments when you clock-in at the front desk.  DO NOT REASSIGN YOURSELF.

  1. Friends and colleagues may NOT visit or study with work-study students during work hours


  1. The library subscribes to a Three Strikes and You’re Out Policy. Absenteeism, behavior problems, or failure to perform library tasks,  this will result in written documentation. After the third offense, the student will be terminated.


Rules For Working In Murrell Library Commons

Monitoring the Murrell Library Commons

  1.  When there is no staff present, you will need to remain at the monitor’s desk until you are relieved.  If your scheduled work time is over and your relief has not arrived, call the main office (ext. 4180) and someone will come to relieve you.
  2. You may not leave the Commons area unattended at any time.  If you need to leave the Commons area, please call the main office (ext. 4180) and someone will come over to relieve you.
  3. You are responsible for maintaining the Commons as a studious environment.  Students may talk softly in a group study, but may not get loud or rough house.  If you are uncomfortable maintaining order, please call the main office (ext. 4180) and one of the staff will come over to assist you.
  4. Please push in all unattended chairs and straighten all unattended computers before the end of your shift.
  5. If a patron has a research question that you are unable to answer or issues with printing a document that you cannot resolve, call the main office and a staff member will come over to assist the patron.

    Failure to comply with the above rules may result in progressive discipline, up to and including termination of your work-and-learn contract with the Library.