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Library Student Workers: Answering the Phone

Phone Etiquette 

You are responsible for always answering the phone when it rings.

"Murrell Library, this is (your name), may I help you?"
"Library Commons, this is (your name), may I help you?"

For placing calls on hold when you have people in front of you:

"Murrell Library, can you hold please?"

When you get back to the caller on hold, answer with the initial greeting of "Murrell Library, this is (your name), may I help you?"

  • Be polite and courteous.
  • Repeat the caller's question for clarification and provide an answer.
  • Always be polite--"please," "thank you," and "I am sorry."
  • When the caller is speaking, listen to what he or she has to say without interruptions. 
  • If transferring a call, let the caller know before transferring the call. Tell the caller, in the event there is a disconnection, the number to reach Dr./Mr./Ms. (name) and their extension.
  • To transfer calls, press the button under ‘Transfer’ on the screen, dial the extension, and then hang up the receiver.

Picking up calls from other phones.