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Library Student Workers: Front Desk Duties

Checking Out Materials and Policies


Books ............................4 Weeks

Audio Books ................ 4 Weeks

DVD’s & AV  .................. 1 Week

Non-Current Periodicals .... 1 Week 

IPads…………….1 Week 

Kindles…………... 4 Weeks

Textbook Reserve………. 2 Hours


            Following items may not be check-out

Current Periodicals


Reference Books

Materials on 2 hours Reserve - library use only

All late items will be charged

Books and DVDs. 25 cents per day Electric materials $10 per day

Overdue Items / Fines

Red highlight on an account please send them to the office.

  • Overdue Items -  No Check-Out or Interlibrary Loans may be done until materials are returned.

  • Fines on the Account 



How to use Sierra

How to check-out  books and DVD's 

  • Scan ID Barcode to open patrons account  (NO ID - NO Check-Out) 
  • Scan the barcode of the item and hit enter on the keyboard
  • Date stamp the back of the book or DVD
  • Desensitize each item 
  • Verbally let the patron know when the item(s) are due

How to check-out periodicals (magazines)

  • Scan ID Barcode to open patrons account  (NO ID - NO Check-Out) 
  • Choose a blank pink magazine card 
  • Write the title & issue date on the pink magazine card
  • Scan the card and place it in today's checkouts 

 Only Use One Card Per Magazine 


Textbook Reserves / Course Reserve


  • Must have a student ID to check-out the textbook reserves
  • The books may NOT leave the library
  • Two-hour reserve ONLY
  • PLEASE check-in books immediately after returning



Visitor Log - Computer Usage , Study Areas, and Gate-Count

  • Please select the correct form to count computer users and students studying in each area.
  • Push in chairs when needed and tidy up the rooms

Gate Security

Library Materials Security Alarm

When a patron set off the alarm, Library Staff at the Circulation Desk are responsible for stopping the patron

  • Ask patron to STOP and STEP BACK to the circulation desk PLEASE
  • Ask the patron to empty his/her bag
  • Ask the patron if he/she has any textbooks which staff might need to desensitize
  • Be as Non-accusatory as possible
  • If materials are found which have NOT been checked out, ask the patron if he/she would like to check it out. GET A LIBRARY STAFF MEMBER
  • If the alarm sounds again when a patron tries to leave, have the patron walkthrough with nothing in their hands.