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African-Americans & the Black Experience: Statistics and Data

Statistics and Data

African American Women in America

Black Women in America photo from Washington Post

For more information see Krissah Thompson, Survey Paints Portrait of Black Women in America, Washington Post, January 22, 2012.

Statistical Reference Resources

Black (African American) Heritage Month, Feb. 2010 : Facts for Features (www).

The Black Population of the United States (WWW).

Facts on the Black or African American Population (WWW).

We the Black Americans (WWW).  Black people constitute the second largest racial group in the United States. The population grew by 17 percent between 1970 and 1980. This booklet provides the following types of information about black Americans: (1) population trends; (2) residence patterns; (3) economic status; (4) employment status; (5) home ownership; (6) voting potential; (7) education; (8) military service; (9) life expectancy; and (10) family composition. The statistical information is presented in 20 charts and graphs. Thirty-four photographs are included.  Also available in print in the Documents Library, U.S. Government Documents Collection, C 3.2:AM 3/6/no.3.

We the People : Blacks in the United States (www)This report provides a portrait of the Black or African American population in the United States and discusses sex differences within this population at the national level. It is part of the Census 2000 Special Reports series that presents several demographic, social, and economic characteristics collected from Census 2000.  Census 2000 Special Report.  August 2005.

Census Data

For even more details about African Americans, explore the following data compilations based on U.S. Census data:

United States Historical Census Data Browser
Contains data that describe the people and economy of the US for each state and county from 1790-1960.
Note: Statistics for many more geographic areas are available in the printed or online volumes on the Census Bureau website.

Census of Population and Housing (US Census Bureau)
PDF versions of the printed volumes. The online collection is not complete. Use the MSU Libraries' print collections in the Main Library Census Alcove for missing online volumes.