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Subject Library Liaisons at Missouri Valley College: Home

Professor & Library Director

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Dr. Bryan Carson
Murrell Library

Education & Cataloging Coordinator

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Ms. Sarah Haug
Library Commons

Library Assistant

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Ms. Susan Hughes
Murrell Library

Collection Development & Interlibrary Loan Librarian

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Ms. Samantha Perkins
Murrell Library

Circulation Coordinator

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Ms. Bathsheba Love
Murrell Library

PR, Marketing, and Outreach

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Ms. Margot Mirabal
Murrell Library

Library Subject Liaisons

Administration, Admissions,
Academic Affairs, Registrar, 
President’s Office
Dr. Bryan Carson
Agribusiness, Agronomy, Animal Science, Horticulture Ms. Samantha Perkins
Biology Ms. Samantha Perkins
Business Office Ms. Bathsheba Love
Business Division Dr. Bryan Carson
Chemistry Ms. Samantha Perkins
Counseling (grad) Dr. Bryan Carson
Psychology (undergrad) Ms. Bathsheba Love
Communications & Mass Media Ms. Margot Mirabal
Computer Science | CIS Dr. Bryan Carson
Criminal Justice Ms. Susan Hughes (law);
Ms. Bathsheba Love (the rest)
Education (Undergraduate) Ms. Sarah Haug
Ed Administration (Grad) Dr. Bryan Carson
English (literature) Ms. Susan Hughes
English (writing) Ms. Margot Mirabil
Environmental Studies Ms. Samantha Perkins
Financial Aid Office Ms. Bathsheba Love
Fine Arts Ms. Bathsheba Love
Graduate Programs Dr. Bryan Carson
Health Dr. Bryan Carson
History  Ms. Bathsheba Love
Honors Ms. Samantha Perkins
Horticulture Ms. Samantha Perkins
Humanities (general) Ms. Samantha Perkins
Ms. Bathsheba Love
Internal Review Board (IRB) Dr. Bryan Carson
Institutional Advancement Dr. Bryan Carson
Math & Statistics Dr. Bryan Carson
Nonprofit Management
Human Services
Dr. Bryan Carson
Nursing Dr. Bryan Carson
Physical Education Ms. Sarah Haug
Physical Sciences & Astronomy Dr. Bryan Carson
Reference Ms. Samantha Perkins
Social Science Ms. Bathsheba Love
Student employment Ms. Bathsheba Love
Student Success; Blosser Program Ms. Sarah Haug
Dr. Bryan Carson

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Library Commons: 660-831-4013
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