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Introduction to FOLIO: Welcome to Folio

Brief outline describing Murrell Library's migration to Folio ILS and general description of changes to expect

Library System Migration to FOLIO

Murrell Library has been running on the same library system alongside the other MOBIUS libraries for over 20 years! Now, MOBIUS is moving to a new, modern, open source library platform called FOLIO. FOLIO will be a fresh foundation on which we can build new and innovative library services.

The transition to FOLIO began quietly this past summer, but signs of change will become more prominent as we approach the launch date—May 22.


The first new thing you will notice is Viking Discovery, which allows you to search all of the library’s resources—books, e‑books, articles, media, and more—from one search box.




Suspension of requesting from Prospector (partner libraries in Colorado & Wyoming).


Suspension of requesting through the MOBIUS catalog and on-site borrowing at other MOBIUS libraries.


Local circulation data freeze. All circulation transactions will be recorded manually and processed in the new system after launch. Availability information in the catalog may not be accurate.

MAY 22

Launch day. The new library platform goes live with a new catalog and new staff systems. Requesting through the new MOBIUS catalog, including Pickup Anywhere service, resumes. (On-site borrowing at other MOBIUS libraries will resume later.)

Mobius Transition

To ensure a smooth transition to the new library system, MOBIUS will temporarily suspend requesting through the MOBIUS catalog and on-site borrowing at other MOBIUS libraries on April 18.

MOBIUS requesting will be re-enabled on May 22 when the new MOBIUS catalog launches. (On-site borrowing at other MOBIUS libraries will resume some time later.)

The New Platform


The Viking Discovery search will be your one-stop shop to find books, e-books, articles, media, and more.


The Locate classic catalog will search our physical holdings and owned e-books.


The Find Full Text @ Murrell Library will be powered by a new knowledgebase to help you find article PDFs.


FOLIO will manage the library’s operations from acquisitions, to cataloging, to circulation.


The Panorama data analytics and visualization platform will give the library staff insight into library usage and aid planning.


The new OpenRS resource sharing system will manage requesting and borrowing within MOBIUS and enable new partners to join our network.




    • Murrell Library and MOBIUS are moving to a new, modern library platform to enhance library services. The new platform will have the greatest impact on staff as the whole back end of managing the library will change, but it also means a new catalog and discovery experience for our students and faculty.

    • Our current library system was implemented over 20 years ago when the MOBIUS consortium was created. Since then, the library landscape has changed and new opportunities are on the horizon. Moving to a new, modern library system, alongside our partners at MOBIUS, will enable us to lay a foundation to grasp those opportunities.
    • The migration is a multi-step process that began last summer. Final data extracts will take place starting April 18, and the new system will be launched on May 22.
    • Yes, anyone with a Murrell Library account will be able to check out books from our collection throughout the migration. (There will be a brief time right before launch when transactions will be recorded manually, but you will still be able to check out books.) Item requests and on-site borrowing from partner MOBIUS libraries will be suspended on April 18 until the migration is complete.

    • Requesting in the MOBIUS catalog will be suspended on the morning of April 18, so get all your MOBIUS requests in by April 17.
    • No, there is no particular date by which you must return your library books apart from the regular due date. Any books checked out to you at the time of the circulation freeze will transfer over to your account in the new system. Any books that you return during the circulation freeze will be processed in the new system after launch and backdated to the date returned.
    • After the suspension of MOBIUS service on April 18, you will not be able to check out books on-site at other MOBIUS libraries or request that books be sent to other MOBIUS libraries for pickup.

      MOBIUS requesting, including Pickup Anywhere service, will resume on May 22 when the new system launches.

      The functionality to support on-site MOBIUS borrowing is on the development roadmap for the new system and will be enabled some time later.

This material for this page was originally compiled by the J. Buswell, Jr. Library at Covenant Theological Seminary.