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Library Policies & Procedures: Mission Statement, Goals, and Service Outcomes

Mission, Goals, & Service Outcomes

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Mission Statement, Goals, and Service Outcomes

Murrell Library and Commons Mission

Murrell Library and Commons at Missouri Valley College builds intellectual and creative capacity by providing information, services, and programming that engages, encourages, and enables faculty, staff, students, and the community to question, explore, and critically evaluate information.

Murrell Library and Commons Goals

  1. To serve as a campus intellectual hub for learning and creation of new knowledge, and as a campus resource through partnerships with faculty, staff, and the community.
  2. To increase information literacy  and  provide access to quality information resources in a variety of formats that support the teaching, research, and scholarly mission of the College.
  3. To provide library spaces that enable scholarship and learning.
  4. To support the College’s teaching, research, and outreach mission by collecting, arranging, preserving, and making accessible materials relating to Missouri Valley College history, as well as rare and unique collections pertaining to Missouri history, culture, and literature.
  5. To enhance student engagement and lifelong learning through intellectual stimulation, cultural programs, and outreach activities.

Murrell Library and Commons Service Outcomes

  1. Library clients will receive consistently high quality individualized service combined with a collection that encompasses traditional resources and new technology.
  2. In conjunction with teaching faculty, library liaisons will ensure that quality resources are available in a variety of formats to support the teaching, research, and scholarly mission of the College (see the Library’s collection development policy).
  3. Cultural programs and activities will enrich the classroom and community experience, provide a deeper intellectual understanding of academic and scholarly studies, and encourage and increase student involvement on campus.
  4. Faculty, staff, and students will receive information literacy and research skills through class lectures, tours, Freshman Seminar, and workshops. Information literacy outcomes will be assessed at regular intervals with measurable standards.
  5. Appealing Library spaces and infrastructure will contribute to scholarship and learning, and will be allocated and assessed based on student needs.
  6. Staffing needs and resources will be allocated to best match with the academic mission of the College.
  7. Library faculty and staff will continually improve their knowledge and skills by taking advantage of training, development, and continuing education opportunities.
  8. Library decisions and acquisitions will be transparent to faculty, staff, and students. The library will communicate resources, services, and programs to internal and external clients, stakeholders, and advocates.

May 22, 2019

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