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Database Videos and Tutorials: Finding Industry Profiles and Country Reports

Finding Industry Profiles and Country Reports

Business Source Premier also has an excellent selection of Industry Profiles and Country Reports if you're looking for those. To find them, scroll down on the Advanced Search page to see your search options until you find the box that says "Publication Type". Scroll down to the bottom of that box, and select either Industry Profiles or Country Reports, depending on which one you're looking for:

Business Source Premier search for profiles and reports screenshot

You can also search by industry code or NAICS number rather than by keyword. You can find these in Google, or by clicking the blue link in the Advanced Search - you'll be brought to a page where you can search for the NAICS number and description.

You can also find Industry Profiles/Country Reports from the results page by scrolling down the list of filters on the left side of the page (under "Refine Results") until you see "Source Type". You may have to click the "Show More" link at the bottom - and you'll get a box with all the source types listed. Select which one(s) you'd like to see, then click Update:

Business Source Premier limit to reports and profiles from results screenshot



Finding Company Profiles

One of the more helpful tools for you to use in Business Source Premier is the Company Profile. These can be found by doing an advanced search for them, but it's actually very easy to find them more directly by using the "Company Profiles" tab in the top menu or on the main screen:

BSP with BSI homepage screenshot

From here, you can click on either the company name or the PDF icon. The company name will bring you to the detailed records page, where you can save, print, email, cite, etc. You can also get the PDF record.