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VikingScholar Institutional Repository: Overview


Administered by Murrell Library and Commons, this Institutional Repository, VikingScholar, provides access to scholarly materials for historical, academic, and research purposes. Each item contains descriptions, abstracts, and documentation to increase discoverability in search engines like Google and Google Scholar.

  • VikingScholar is organized in a hierarchical structure composed of Communities and Collections.
    • Communities are the highest level and represent divisions and administrative entities.
      • Programs and majors are represented as Collections within Communities.
      • Some Collections contain Sub-Collections (i.e. a collection within a collection).
    • Collections contain Objects, the actual digital works. Each community and collection has its own entry page displaying information, news, and links reflecting the interests of that community or collection.
    • VikingScholar will use the Thesaurus from Humanities International Complete.

Advantages of VikingScholar:

  • Increases visibility and readership of scholarly output
  • Works are cataloged with standardized metadata to ensure maximum findability
  • Works are assigned a handle (permalink) to provide permanent access
  • Long-term preservation
  • Fulfills federal and other grant requirements
  • Long-term preservation
    • Murrell Library and Commons is committed to providing long-term access to all material submitted to this Institutional Repository.