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Researching Career Opportunities

Looking for a job is tough work. The job search is possible the most important research you will do in your lifetime, and it is research. The best job hunters and most successful candidates use information to their advantage. The more you can learn about the job, position, and career you are applying for, the employer you hope to work for, and the industry in which you will be employed, the more prepared you will be for the application process, the interview, and the job itself.

Researching industries, job related sources and companies including competitors can really make the difference between an OK interview and a GREAT one. The same goes for cover letters and even on-line resumes and job applications. Invest some time in your future by researching the industries, jobs and companies that you'd like to see yourself working in or at. It can really make the difference!

In a perfect world the career you pursue will give you purpose. To help you find a career that will give you that purpose you will want to conduct research. There are many outlets of information when researching a career -- magazine & journal articles; encyclopedias; directories; job advertisements; and much more. 

Career Searching at the Student Success Center and the Library

The Student Success Center offers career exploration and other services to prepare students to enter the workforce.  The office provides a variety of career counseling and job search assistance services for students and alumni of Missouri Valley College. A professional career counselor will assist individuals with career choices, development of job search action plans, resume and cover letter writing, interviewing strategies, and other career and job-search activities.

The Library offers online databases, resume and cover letter templates, books on various careers, newspapers with job ads, and professional journals with career opportunities. Use Ferguson's Career Guidance Center and the Resume and Cover Letter Builder to find out more about careers and to see examples and templates for cover letters and resumes.

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