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Philosophy Resources: Websites

Ethics Websites

Biomedical Ethics Websites

Websites on Applied & Professional Ethics

Religious Ethics Websites

African Philosophy Resources
This Web page is a ery comprehensie look at African philosophy resources, including Websites, journals, associations, papers, email lists, materials on philosophers, and topics within the field of African philosophy. There is also a listing of sites for African countries, and materials on African religions.

Chinese Literature Classics
This is a site that contains primary materials relating to Chinese philsophy, including writings of Confucius, I Ching, Mencius on Goerence, Chuang Tze, Lao Tze DaoDeJing, and SunZi's Art of War.

Indian Philosophy and Religion: A Launch-pad to India's Spiritual Treasure /
This Web page contains a comprehensie listing of links to primary and secondary resources in Indian philosophy. In addition to traditional schools and religious texts, the site also links to modern schools of thought.

Moksha Journal / Yoga Anand Ashram.
This journal was founded in 1984 for the purpose of publishing essays and poetry pertaining to the concept of Moksha, defined by Monier-Williams as "liberation, release." Moksha reflects a multiplicity of perspecties, including works pertaining to Yoga, arious schools of Buddhism, Sufism, Eastern and Western philosophy, meditation, and mystical Christianity.

Resources for Indian Philosophy and Buddhist Studies / Uniersity of Tokyo
This site has links to Indian philosophy, Japanese Philosophy, and Buddhist sites on the World Wide Web.

  • The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy / Edited by James Fieser. Martin, TN.: University of Tennessee at Martin, 1997.
  • Articles in the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy are currently from three sources (1) adaptations from public domain sources, (2) adaptations of material written by the editor for classroom purposes, and (3) original contributions by professional philosophers around the internet. Over time, the editor seeks to replace all of the first two types of articles with original contributions by professional philosophers.
  • Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy / Edited by Edward N. Zalta. Palo Alto, CA.: Stanford University Center for the Study of Language and Information, 1997.
  • This Web encyclopedia constantly changes with the addition of new entries and the modification of existing entries. Consequently, you can expect the entries in this encyclopedia to be responsive to new research. The entries are evaluated by an Editorial Board.
  • Internet Classics Archie
  • This site is a searchable collection of almost 400 classical Greek and Roman texts (in English translation) with user-proided commentary. The Internet Classics Archie has won many awards. The site includes works by Aeschylus, Andocides, Antiphon, Marcus, Aurelius, Antoninus, Apollodorus, Aristophanes, Aristotle, Bacchylides, Titus, Lucretius, Carus, Demades, Demosthenes, Dinarchus, Diodorus, Euripides, Herodotus, Hesiod, Hippocrates, Homer, Hyperides, Isaeus, Isocrates, Lysias, Pausanias, Pindar, Plato, Plotinus, Plutarch, Sophocles, Strabo, P. Cornelius, Tacitus, Thucydides,irgil, and Xenophon.
  • Greek Philosophy Archie /
  • This site contains the Dialogues of Plato (mostly the Benjamin Jowett translations), the works of Aristotle, Epictetus' Discourses, and Plotinus' Enneads, as well as the Meditations of Marcus Aurelius.


This Webpage contains works related to jurisprudence, legal philosophy, natural law, and political philosophy. Topics include justice, freedom, property, and rights. I hae included seeral sites on the World Wide Web.

Basileus the digital edition: an International and Interdisciplinary Journal for the Philosophy of Law
Basileus is a scholarly peer-reiewed journal carrying original articles on the Philosophy of Law. As an E-journal, this journal is mounted on the World Wide Web. Although the preferred language is English, Basileus will also publish articles in German or French. Most articles published in another language are also aailable in English.

Legal Essays indexed by subject: Jurisprudence
An annotated listing of scholarly essays in the field of Jurisprudence. This comprehensie listing contains links to Internet essays. The essays are both primary and secondary. The summaries of the essays are useful, and contain the substance of the articles.

Jurisprudence and law-related disciplines
This site contains links to Internet resources in the field of Jurisprudence and related disciplines. The fields represented are Ancient Law, Bioethics, Cyberspace Law, Law & Economics, Law & Literature, Law & Medicine, Legal Ethics, Legal History, and Religious Law. The sites that are linked to will contain both primary materials and secondary materials.

Feminist Theory and Feminist Jurisprudence on the WWW
This site has links to feminist theory and jurisprudence materials on the World Wide Web. It includes mostly secondary works.

This bibliography began as a pathfinder when I was the Philosophy librarian at the New York Public Library's Mid-Manhattan History and Social Sciences Department in 1993. It was also published in Carson & Carson, Mindsearch (Big Rapids, Michigan: Ferris State University, 1993). I am grateful for the assistance given me by Edith Ostrowsky and Daid Ockene at the New York Public Library, Brian Coutts at Western Kentucky University Libraries, and Drs. Herbert and Ada Lou Carson, the authors of Mindsearch.